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Why The Pink in Your White Smile Matters

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More than 11 million plastic surgery procedures trim, shape and mold the American public each year. Along with tummy tucks and face lifts, smile enhancement treatments bring a clear finish to many cosmetic cases. And the details that create a brilliant smile shouldn’t be overlooked, including the display of the gums. The gums, also known as gingiva, play a crucial role in the appearance of your smile while providing critical support.

When gums rest right where they belong, they just blend into the overall scene. But some people are bothered by too much pink when they grin. Others feel like they’re getting “long in the teeth.” Either scenario can disrupt the balance that makes up a pleasing smile. Also, everyone’s lips move different amounts when they smile. So if a genuine smile draws the lip up dramatically, the gums may become highly visible. In this case, the shape, form and general “architecture” of the tissue takes on greater visual value.

In other instances, the lip moves a little during smiling and hides the gums thoroughly. Healthy gums are essential in either case. But imperfect tissue around the teeth doesn’t show when the lip serves as a curtain that never fully opens. So when you consider improving your smile, flash a happy grin in the mirror and see what shows. If you see too much pink or elongated teeth, let’s discuss the options to bring out a perfect smile.

An Artistic Touch

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Just as a plastic surgeon creates ideal body contours, a periodontist specializes in the crafting of healthy gums that appeal to the eye. By analyzing the overall presentation of a smile, the perfect ratio of tooth display and gum coverage can be determined. If you see too much of your gums, the excess tissue can often be gently sculpted down to the right level. But sometimes the position of the jaw bone or movement of the lip significantly influences the gingival display. In these cases, we may not be able to control what shows. Regardless, we’ll help assure that the gums fit nicely into your smile with flowing contours and a healthy appearance.

Teeth that appear too long may be victims of an optical illusion. Receding gums expose roots that should be hidden and add a lengthy appearance to the smile. Even though the biting edge sits right where it belongs, teeth with gum recession look longer. Also, exposed roots may be sensitive to hot and cold and more likely to develop fast-moving cavities.

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A Natural Cover-Up

Fortunately, modern grafting techniques repair damaged areas with healthy new gum tissue. Sometimes gums simply need to be moved up higher around the teeth to hug the necks of the teeth. But often your tissue from another area of the mouth can be used to rebuild thinning sections. Other innovative materials and techniques fit particular situations, allowing customization of your care. Not only does the result look better, but it also protects your teeth just as nature intended.

Plastic surgery of the gums brings the harmony of your smile together when your smile demands an exceptional finish. We look forward to discussing ways to protect and enhance your appearance with the latest techniques...and helping you find the many rewards of ideal dental health!

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