Family Care

Family Care
We take pride in our ability to serve all ages.  Treatment plans are tailored accordingly.  Our team enjoys caring for even your youngest family member.

Dr Tobias's preventative services focus on prevention while preserving your smile at a time that is most convenient for your whole family.


First and foremost is to avoid disease and to catch it in the early stages for more effective treatment.   Often disease is genetic and knowing your whole family history, not unlike your family physician, is very important.


The second aspect of treating your family is to help preserve your original teeth.  The more we can educate your entire family on the importance of home care and the more regular can be with yearly dental visits the more likely we are able to help you to prevent tooth loss.  Not to mention more invasive and costly procedures that can arise from neglect.


And finally, there is the simple fact of convenience.  Dr Tobias and his team welcome your entire family and will work hard to ensure each of you get the care you need when it is most convenient for you and your busy schedule.

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